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See something I need to change about my Kagura? Say it here.

IP logging is off and anonymous commenting is allowed. Comments aren't screened because I'd like to be able to reply. I'll screen on request.

Addendum: RE: Meta, also fourth wall opt out (screened)

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THIS IS NIKKI AND IDK WHERE TO CONTACT YOU (also hi, commenting using a sorta relevant journal) sob f;dlg

ANYWAY I think I may drop some RPs I am currently in so I might have time for CFUD and apping Okita here...! SO I was wondering if you could help me out and beta after I... speedwrite the app :c

fdsl;kgjldj /crawls back into hole

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My email's frogdance @!

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We're not really close, but I wanted to say this.

Your lack of activity when you're not feeling things ICly has never bothered me in the slightest, because everyone has slumps, and sometimes they do last a long time.

What does bother me sometimes is the constant self-deprecating angry digs you make towards yourself and the game during such periods. "I've been so flakey it's hardly worth putting up a hiatus notice," "I know I already just annoy everyone but here's this thing I have to say," etc. The bitterness and constant implications that you feel the game is judging you that I see in these is sort of hurtful because I, for one, enjoy your presence in the game a lot, and don't mind if you haven't wanted to play much lately. I feel (and I HOPE) that the defensiveness you show is a symptom of the pressure you put on yourself, which makes RPing not fun for you in the first place, rather than anything connected to the game itself.

It's fine. We think you're cool. You can hiatus if you want. That's all I wanted to say, really.

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I'm sorry I'm giving that off that vibe, as I've really got nothing against the game! I am as you say, however, really frustrated by my ongoing RP slump and being very negative on myself. I thought by pointing it out that I am showing self awareness of my own inactivity, but I'm sorry for not realizing it is coming off as hurtful and bitter towards the game. (I don't remember the second quote in a hiatus notice of mine, but I would honestly not be surprised if I did mention something like that in chicken soup and/or plurk.)

Again I apologize, and I'm glad you enjoy having me around. I do appreciate being told this, because I wasn't aware I was giving that impression. I tend not to self edit or reflect much on what I've said online until much much after the fact (if I do at all). I know crit is difficult to give and receive, but this is actually reassuring because I don't want to continue to be like that, so thank you anon!

ETA: CURSE YOU DOUBLE NEGATIVES. PRIME EXAMPLE I am rather careless before pressing submit \o/;;
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The second quote was more of a "general impression I'm getting" thing, I couldn't go back and pull up an example specifically.

You're more than welcome. I'm glad you seem to be taking this in the spirit it was intended because I don't think you realize how much you give to the game even if you're in a slump right now, okay. ♥ .___.

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The thing I was most afraid of in replying to your initial comment was I really hoped I wasn't accidentally being passive aggressive/overly defensive or giving you a non-apology. Receiving the crit was no problem, I want to recognize faults so I can change them.

♥ thank you, anon. You're very sweet.

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I think it best if you distance yourself from fandom for a bit. "If you don't have anything nice to say", and all that good jam.

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Sorry, I'm really confused about this comment.