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This is an addendum from my crit post, which you can find here.

The nature of this canon is very DO WHATEVER THE FUCK IT WANTS FOR THE LULZ, but I do want to make sure people are comfortable. Normally I'm pretty good about asking beforehand if I can break the fourth wall in threads, but in cases of me running a fast paced post, I might make the decision to just go ahead and do it (since chances I'll be vague/just mentioning my own canon, not yours) with the assumption that it'll just go over the other character's head. BUT IF I AM CROSSING A LINE for you by doing this, I really really would like to know about it.

Screened because I assume people would comment here logged in. You can also comment here if you want a complete OPT OUT of fourth walling. It's cool, dudes. o7

02/25 edit: you can also tell me if there's any kind of toilet/gross humour you'd like to avoid. I'll give the heads up to the rest of my cast.
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