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Player Info. Updated March 21

I am: Michi/Michelle [ profile] frogdance

I play:
Kagura | [ profile] marypoopins | Gintama
Trucy Wright #3 | [ profile] wrightpanties | Ace Attorney

I Used to Play: oh boy
Pearl Fey | [ profile] a_medium_rare | Ace Attorney
Hao #1 | [ profile] haoyohdoin | Shaman King
Amidamaru | [ profile] whoyohgonnacall | Shaman King
Blair | [ profile] acattoofine | Soul Eater
Trucy Wright #2 | [ profile] wrightpanties | Ace Attorney
Kurita Ryokan | [ profile] thebigfriendly | Eyeshield 21
Tachikawa Mimi | [ profile] itsallaboutmimi | Digimon Adventure
Marie Mjolnir | [ profile] pleasemarieme | Soul Eater

Contact: I'm usually on irc nicked to Michi, Trucy or Kagura-chan. I usually leave the volume kind of low so I might miss pings sometimes. If I'm not in the mainchan, usually I'm hiding out in the Gintama channel (#metaballs) or Ace Attorney channel (#lawyertarium). I'm also available on gchat/email (frogdance at

Emergency Contact: A couple of people have my cell number, but shooting me an email works!

Availability: Weekdays afternoon/evenings. Sundays. I will update this if my schedule changes.

Timezone/Language: PST / English

The Playing Experience: I love crack and humour, but I like drama from times to time (whether or not I am good at it is another story). I post quite a bit, but I notice my attention span tends to wander within an hour unless I'm co-posting. Kagura can be a handful so I will always try to ask if I'm thinking of doing sometime violent or fourth wally (I have a screened post which you can opt out of any fourth wall breaking here). I find the other player's comfort levels more important than the lulz

Goals: Have fun! Make sure the other player is having fun! Try not to drop threads so much. Develop relationships for my character.

Betaing: It varies! Sometimes I can be a pretty good beta, other times not. For the record, if I have nothing to say, it is normally because YOUR APP IS ALREADY AWESOME. I love brainstorming ideas with people and thinking up jokes. I do have a pretty good sense of what an IN! app looks like. I don't sign up for the beta or last minute beta posts that often, but I do like helping out!

AUs: Hot.

Pimping: ...hahahaha. Yes, I like pimping. I'm trying to be less obnoxious about it. I like hearing about other people's canons, but I basically start new things entirely on whims. I hardly ever start things with the intention of apping.

Other: I tend to be very CAPSLOCK and rather jokingly obnoxious and bossy, but I am actually the bottomest bottom to ever bottom. My attention span is also hilarious and I go from one topic to the next quite a bit. Deneb-mun called me a cloud cuckoolander. I LIKE HOW MANY OF US ARE USING THIS SECTION TO GO 'HI I AM NOT SCARY AT ALL' o cfud.

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Other: I might infect your computer with terrible viruses via Gintama episodes


8D ilu rly

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Wouldn't that go better under pimping?

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I still think it's hilarious Michi's balls gave someone a virus.

ilu2 michi don't ban me again

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You just miss me banning Gin from balls
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YOU CAN'T BAN THE MAIN CHARACTER! Or is this... gekokujo?

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It is pretty funny, in retrospect.
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I stand by what I said.

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