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The Special Edition promised entirely new material, and IT STARTS OFF USING THE OLD FOOTAGE WITH THE SAME DIALOGUE until Shinpachi starts flipping his shit about the others being shameless.

Shinpachi: "We're still in 4:3 ratio format. It's like nothing changed at all!"
Gin: "Fine. Side panel open." [in Engrish]


But Shinpachi still thinks the DVD extras are lacking despite the WIDESCREEN UPGRADE (oooh aaaah)
Shinpachi: "Think of the fans who went out and brought the dvd for the extras!"
Gin: "Don't underestimate the internet."

They then start discussing the new series in April and

Shinpachi: "It still seems like we're lacking some impact though!"
Kagura: "Impact huh... Then this!"

~IN 3D~

Kagura: "Doesn't our usual background have so much more impact this way?"

Gin and Kagura conclude the problem is Sunrise and Gin and Kagura talk about wishing to switch to better animation studios like P*XAR and Gh*bli [bleeped out, naturally]

Shinpachi's sick of their shit and he finally shows the real new series teasers WHICH ARE AWESOME.

Gin still thinks it sucks. Needs more Ghibli.

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....I love you Gintama

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More K*ki and less M*ononoke?

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or maybe some H*wl?

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we already have T*toro, don't we?

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Well Kondo canonly like Satsuki who is a responsible older sister who reminds him of Otae-san (HE IS NOT A LOLICON HOWEVER).

And Okita prefers Kiki if he had to choose. Girls with strong pride are actually easier to bend to his will once they've broken their self respect.

you forgot Labuta. They love Labuta.

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sob, I always forget Labuta since that's one of the few movies I haven't seen

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also parodied Nausicaa with the toilet revolution episode I believe. Also gin sang the theme.

[identity profile] 2010-12-16 09:21 pm (UTC)(link) could I forget toilet revolution. TAMA BACTERIA

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maybe you repressed it? Unstandable.
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this fucking canon

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Is the best fucking canon

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I really should learn not to drink anything while reading these things, I was in serious danger of doing a spittake at "Don't underestimate the internet." Oh Gintoki, you know us too well. :')b

My 3D glasses refuse to see that as 3D, boo. And frick yeah, P*xar and Gh*bli.

THE VIDEO GOT TAKEN DOWN boo hiss boooooo.

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Oh sucks. I downloaded it off niconico anyway.

The 3D looked fake to make. (The two sighs are so far apart!) Guess that confirms it XD?

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Mrr, I'll just wait for new vids to pop up or something.

Yuuup. XD

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Gin just watched the 3D segment and says it's really 3D. He used the red and blue kind.

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Ah~ Okay, I don't have those specific kind. The three 3D glasses I have are the black kind.

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this canon

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you should try watching it, it's much more fun than reading. At least the extra anime only bits are hysterical