marypoopins: (obligatory CONGRATULATIONS icon)
Kagura ([personal profile] marypoopins) wrote2011-08-11 01:25 am

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Good lord. Eyes are crossing. I liek animated gifs can you tell. (I should really make a post of how many stupid animated gifs I had a hand in making) I promised I'd make these for cast ages ago, I'm sure I'm the only one who remembered.

Okita's is a remake because I was kind of OCD that he was out of sync originally. Except Zura ended up being out of sync because I couldn't find the right amount of clean frames. Oh well, it is Zura, ruiner of all things proper.

Someone app Katsura. I will make you ridiculous things.

hopefully this post doesnt make anyone's browsers hate them. They're all tiny around 15kb. :X

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