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Hey [ profile] campfuckudie, just a head's up this account is now also going to be used at [ profile] gargleblasted. Threading is in the community, so you mostly likely won't have to put up with more Network spam (I spam this journal enough on my own already), but I'll label things just in case. ...the spam will just be my regular spam. /)_(\

Sob, now I can no longer use Kyou's shiny comment counter :'( note to self: 3,206 comments before joining minus about 300~ from non-camp hookery. SOB.

Application! Kagura is a terrible person, also I cannot write. )
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Your Name/Alias: Michi
Age: 21
Character: Kagura
Series: Gintama
Character Age: 13-14
Canon: The premise behind Gintama is simple. Aliens invade Edo Japan, swords become banned and samurai are left jobless. Former 'White Demon' samurai Sakata Gintoki is left running Odd Jobs Gin, as a freelancer with super strength alien 'China' girl, Kagura and glasses wearing straight man, Shinpachi. But really Odd Jobs Gin barely makes enough money to fund Gintoki's Weekly Jump and sugar addiction and they're constantly behind on the rent. The series itself is a giant anachronism stew that punches the fourth wall on a regular basis and is constantly toeing the line when it comes to copyright laws (they avoid this by bleeping out sensitive words) and class. Oh, and sometimes there's a plot.

The core of Kagura's character is the innocent little girl type, but this canon is determined to break every single 'moe' trope it can. For example, she holds the very special honor of being the first Weekly Jump heroine to throw up. While she can be naive and, dare I say, cute, she's a complete brat. She likes to act like the jaded smart-ass adult figure despite not knowing much at all. She's immature, smug, pushy and a poor loser who will resort to incredibly cheap tactics in order to win. She also has an never ending appetite with an equally greedy personality to match. But she's a good girl, honestly! Unlike the rest of her Yato race, she suppresses her instincts to kill, she just has no qualms about beating the crap out of people, stepping on people's self esteem or... well, you get the idea.

Note: There's really no difference, but the app is written using the anime canon produced by Sunrise. Fujita is the previous director.



53 in, 3 out. 94.6% lol what.


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