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Kagura ([personal profile] marypoopins) wrote2010-12-13 01:44 pm

State of the Union


I feel like I've definitely lost my mojo with her. Creatively I think I've done majority of whatever I wanted to do with her in the first 6 months of play. I'm shit with CR. I don't bring her out to play unless it's with castmates. Rather, the past couple of months, I've been satisfied just playing her off peeps on d_m and etc. Her paid time expired and normally I'd be on the ball and renew it right away but I'm currently like "oh fuck it"

Desire to play: 4/10
Odds of dropping: 1/10

DROP ELABORATION: Kagura is /the/ character that I am sticking with unless I drop camp completely. I'll be completely honest here, if I was a lone canon warrior, I would've dropped her ages ago, but I have an amazing cast I feel like I'd be screwing over, since characters that have been played for a long time tend not to get reapped and Kagura's rare enough on LJ RP as it is. Anime's restarting in April, I'll probably fall back in ~DEEP LOVE~ again and my playing will spike again.

PLANS: I don't think I'll drop her, but continue on my derpy, "play her when I feel like it / feel like a dicky douche castmate for not being bringing her out as much as I ought to." I want to canon review since my voice for her is kinda gone. And I can do posts ideas with her easily.


Trucy lost Apollo, Klavier and Phoenix in a matter of a few weeks. ICly, she's miserable, and normally that would be potential for some pretty interesting play, but it's Trucy, she bottles everything up, and the only person who she would show vulnerability to is now gone. So it's really business as usual for her. And I feel kind of stale and insecure since i haven't played the game in ages, am bad at BSing magic stuff.

I'm a tool who hasn't even picked up my drop thread with Klavier or ICly acknowledged any of these other drops yet.

Desire to play: 3/10
Odds of dropping: 5/10

DROP ELABORATION: I was asked if I was going to drop Trucy when all the others were dropping and I said I still wanted to play her. Now I'm not so sure, she's fun and cute to play, but my play now, doesn't do her justice. She should be out there and doing things since she's such a social character. She has zero CR outside of canon, I don't think it would matter if I dropped her, I'd just miss playing her (even though I don't do much) but it's not something I'd regret a whole lot.

PLANS: plans?


I HAVE NO PLAYED HIM out of lack of time and nerves (one of my favourite canons ever I want to do justice, I've had disagreement in regards to characterization, he's damn annoying to thread off of because he'll ICly flounce off without another word) and idk idk idk idk idk. I wanted this chracter for 4 years gdi. I know if I buckle down and played him, I bet I can be awesome. I've have shit luck with new characters lately and my confidence in regards to that has been really low.

Desire to play: 2/10
Odds of dropping: 7/10

DROP ELABORATION: Give him a chance first, don't drop hastily before his paid time runs out

PLANS: IDK IDK. but I do want to draw stupid things to post with, which is partially the reason that I wanted an artist type. He's a character I can do a lot of zany things, but I need to just work the nerve to do it.


Basically RP has lost a lot of its sparkle for me. CFUD is such a character interaction driven game andddddd I'm not motivated to play the characters I've got, I'm not too enthusiastic about the characters I had planned to app. My CR is always crap. In a way, it's both good and bad I'm feeling so lackluster about camp. I'm really happy I feel more like drawing since that's something I feel like I've hardly had the motivation to do, but now I have it and it's making me really happy. Before I said I could never drop because I'd miss out on that unexpected spontaneous creativity that occurs from threading off someone that I can't get when I'm drawing out stupid comics, but I'm not getting that out of RP anymore. Normally I'd be jumping into RP once my school holidays start, but now I'm in a ~crossroads~ of my life. I'm going to try again to apply for a design course this fall semester and I'd rather be working on a portfolio (10 hours/portfolio piece x 10-15 seems like a realistic estimate)

Desire to play: 3/10
Odds of dropping: IDK

DROP ELABORATION: I put IDK there, because I can see myself dropping my entire line up, but keeping Kagura whom I won't feel too bad about. I'll just play when I feel like it. If I dropped out. I'd probably reapp her in April anyway right? (incidentally, April is when I know the results for the first school I am applying for, so if I throw myself back into RP, that'll be pretty telling right?) Who am I kidding, so I should hang on to her I guess.

Plus this is tied to my mood. I'm \=_=/ about everything as of late. The last time I total drop was completely because of my mood which was shitty as all hell. I feel like if I am doing to do the same thing, it should be something that's unaffected by how emotional roller coaster I am being.