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I'm putting Shinpachi on trial for taking advantage of mistletoe season to prey on pretty girls out of his league.

We're gonna vote on having Sadaharu fill in for his role as Yorozuya's glasses character.

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Shinpachi, I thought you were a loyalist for that one idol of yours you have no chance with. Are you trying to expand your base of girls you have no chance with?

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What would Otsuu-chan think?
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Well that's true, it is Shinpachi after all. Not doing anything too memorable is a character trait.

But you better be careful with mistletoe posts, otherwise someone might show up that isn't rated for kids.

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What's this about my brother?


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Someone who isn't rated for kids?! Gin-san, didn't you see Hasegawa-san, Kondo-san and now my sis--

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Shin-chan, if you get yourself replaced, who's going to help me take care Father's dojo?

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I'm not getting replaced!!

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That's good to hear. ♥

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Especially not now that you--

Elder Sister, what are you doing here?! What are you doing here now...
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I'm not the only one surprised about this, right? Right?

Also if something like that does happen we'll have no choice but to replace you with the dog. Puppy kisses are safe for all ages.

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[ignoring the other idiots. Tackle hugging Otae]

Boss Lady! ♥

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[aksjhd hugging her back]


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You wouldn't believe how much corn I just walked through.