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The Gintama Benizakura Arc movie was screened at an anime convention in Montreal! It's more or less the same thing as the anime with the most notable difference being this one scene which I will share an excerpt from one of the fan's write up.

'After the credits roll, we get another beautiful-and ridiculous-scene. A fake trailer for "Gintama: The Shinsengumi Chronicles" plays, soon followed by Gintoki interrupting it, refusing to accept a movie where he's not in. The whole Shinsengumi enter the Yorozuya building, explaining that they're mad they barely appeared in the movie [...] and absolutely everyone who didn't appear in the movie, no matter how minor they are, pour into the house, all wanting their own movie. SUDDENLY. The walls of the house fall down, Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi faceplant on cement, and we see that the Yorozuya building was simply planks of wood in the middle of a film studio. And then, shadows in the light appear, and men with American accents speak--It's War and Ner, the Warner Brothers, mad at the cast for being a 'vulgar show' and not satisfied because Gintama isn't as popular as these, and we see two Naruto and two Bleach manga in their hands. Not parodies, the actual, exact copy of the covers. It was beautiful. And then Bakuchi Dancer plays again and the actual credits roll!'

...Warner Brothers...
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(in progress)


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Okay these first two were actually January 31st, BUT WHATEVER. STARTING THE MONTH OFF AWESOME

- KUGIMIYA RIE ORGY W/ Nena, Rise, Miharu, Alphonse
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POST: Alien Candy Tester

Dear Mun - That time of the month w/ Kagura
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Hey [ profile] campfuckudie, just a head's up this account is now also going to be used at [ profile] gargleblasted. Threading is in the community, so you mostly likely won't have to put up with more Network spam (I spam this journal enough on my own already), but I'll label things just in case. ...the spam will just be my regular spam. /)_(\

Sob, now I can no longer use Kyou's shiny comment counter :'( note to self: 3,206 comments before joining minus about 300~ from non-camp hookery. SOB.

Application! Kagura is a terrible person, also I cannot write. )
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Sob, the 20th. Trying to get back to spamming.

Gintoki's pre-intro *
POST: /poke *
Embarrassing stuff on tv (Lance)
but GIN AND KAGURA VS. DBZ APES so I never ever lose it.


Out of Camp
Kagura's birthday. Hijacking the Gintama community
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Dear Mun - Okita
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SORRY I'M PLACEHOLDERING AND SUPER THREADDROPPY THIS MONTH. It's midterm season. Kick me to pick things up if I don't automatically do it myself after a few days.

Pedo >:| (Soubi, Ritsuka)
Ninja v. Samurai cook off (Raimei, Yukimi) *
SHAFT Party (Hiroshi Kamiya x 2, Hitagi, Kanako, Becky)
CFUW plot start. (Ritsuka, Soubi)
More cfuw (Yuta)
Slap marriage (Papillion, Shinn, Lance, Zex, Ishtar, Itachi, Gaignun Jr)

Out of Camp
Anon Meme (WHAT) - Gin-chan, Zura, Shinpachi, Shinpachi's Glasses
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Okay, you guys. We need you using your brain.

Dancing Samurai is purposely making himself a target. Those bastards want people to vote on them. I bet you they just voted on themselves again just like last round. That other vote is from Daughters of Evil. They're just going along with it because Dancing Samurai are willing scapegoats.

We voted on Daughters of Evil. The rest is left to you sheep. We need to know how you're going to vote.
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...that good for nothing mop head...

((playercesting :|b))
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ETA This post keeps getting hit by spam bots. Disabling comments. Sigh.

Age: 13-14
Height: 155 cm / 5'1"
Weight: 40 kg / 88 lbs (...SOB)
Medical Info: Those of the Yato race are incredibly sensitive to sunlight, as their skin burns easily. Yes, she has the SKIN OF A KILLER!1! Also, accelerated healing for things like cuts and bullet wounds but losing limbs is permanent (amazingly I have not one, but two examples of this)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Orange. Usually styled as hair buns
Physical traits: She has very fair skin because of lack of exposure to the sun. She always carries an umbrella with her. Wears traditonal chinese clothing.
What's Okay To Mention Around Him/Her: Anything and everything. lol fourth wall.
Abilities: 'super strength' although how strong I don't know. She can punch through walls and lift boulders. High stamina and agility. Excellent at hand to hand combat. She is also a big eater. The umbrella she owns is bullet proof and doubles as a gun or just something to whack things with. Fuck yeah badass parasol.
Notes for the Psychics/Magically or Spiritually sensitive: "N-No.. everything I believed up until now has been a lie... that my entire life is a fiction wrapped in lies, with no resemblance to real people or situations!" THERE IS NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE.
Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: YES BUT EXPECT PUNCHINGS
Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: YES BUT EXPECT PUNCHINGS unless she really gets along with them. Girls are safe unless she really doesn't like it.
Maim/Murder/Death: ASK unless it's for the lulz.
Cooking: She can make raw egg over rice, seaweed seasoning (Furikake) over rice, green tea over rice. Yes. OH RIGHT. COOKING SPECIAL

1) Sadaharu is Kagura's giant puppy who likes to chomp on people's heads. Can it nom nom nom on you? Nothing fatal just comedic bleeding from the fore head. You are free to attack the dog, but the dog might bitchslap you or Kagura will smack you and REPORT YOU TO THE SPCA DAMN IT (do it)

2) Kagura is kind of gross. She will pick her nose in your presence. She might even wipe her booger off on people because she's a little jerk ass. Girls are generally exempt from this unless she think that they suck. CAN I WIPE BOOGER ON YOU?

2b) Also she is abusive, but usually only if someone 'deserves it' in her mind. MAY I PUNCH YOU FOR THE LULZ?

3) Gintama likes to break the fourth wall, so obligatory 'can I meta' at you. The kind of meta/injokes done in the series is typically very tongue in cheek. I won't mention LOL YOU'RE FICTIONAL OR ANGSTY GENOCIDAL PAST/SPOILERS kind of stuff since Kagura wouldn't give a crap anyway. YEAH tell me if this isn't something you want! I'm canon blind for 90% of camp anyway.
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Your Name/Alias: Michi
Age: 21
Character: Kagura
Series: Gintama
Character Age: 13-14
Canon: The premise behind Gintama is simple. Aliens invade Edo Japan, swords become banned and samurai are left jobless. Former 'White Demon' samurai Sakata Gintoki is left running Odd Jobs Gin, as a freelancer with super strength alien 'China' girl, Kagura and glasses wearing straight man, Shinpachi. But really Odd Jobs Gin barely makes enough money to fund Gintoki's Weekly Jump and sugar addiction and they're constantly behind on the rent. The series itself is a giant anachronism stew that punches the fourth wall on a regular basis and is constantly toeing the line when it comes to copyright laws (they avoid this by bleeping out sensitive words) and class. Oh, and sometimes there's a plot.

The core of Kagura's character is the innocent little girl type, but this canon is determined to break every single 'moe' trope it can. For example, she holds the very special honor of being the first Weekly Jump heroine to throw up. While she can be naive and, dare I say, cute, she's a complete brat. She likes to act like the jaded smart-ass adult figure despite not knowing much at all. She's immature, smug, pushy and a poor loser who will resort to incredibly cheap tactics in order to win. She also has an never ending appetite with an equally greedy personality to match. But she's a good girl, honestly! Unlike the rest of her Yato race, she suppresses her instincts to kill, she just has no qualms about beating the crap out of people, stepping on people's self esteem or... well, you get the idea.

Note: There's really no difference, but the app is written using the anime canon produced by Sunrise. Fujita is the previous director.



53 in, 3 out. 94.6% lol what.


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