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Okay these first two were actually January 31st, BUT WHATEVER. STARTING THE MONTH OFF AWESOME

- KUGIMIYA RIE ORGY W/ Nena, Rise, Miharu, Alphonse
- Messing with ~*~Shinpachi~*~ here, here and then finally here. (...Kagura kept ignoring him so he had to jump her mid thread :'D)
- Zoro intro
CO-POST w/ Sadist: S or M?
- Bellybutton w/ Needy, then Shinpachi
- Sam
IC Journal Cast Post w/ Gin, Shinpachi and Okita
- One Piece spoilers baaaaaaaaaw w/ Luffy.
- Whack a Yandere w/ Lance and Yogi
POST: The Love Guru
- Usopp drop ;_;
- Genderswitched Yuri w/ Yuri and Flynn
- So, does it feel any different? w/ Taiki, Gintoki
- Attacking Venus flytraps w/ Poseidon
- Puppy cam in the library w/ Zuko, Okita, Roxas, Axel
- Here comes the Men in Black~ w/ Agent J
- Lance's rival arrives w/ Lance
- Belated Valentines w/ Shinpachi (after Pachivore as a result of this)
POST: 1930s Wife

- Shinpachi's glasses broke w/ cast
- Gross voice transmission w/ Heero
- Shinpachi becomes GAR holy shit.
POST: Alien Candy Tester

Dear Mun - That time of the month w/ Kagura
Dear Mun - Okita and BONUS (I am a whore)
Dear Mun - Okuni
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Hey [ profile] campfuckudie, just a head's up this account is now also going to be used at [ profile] gargleblasted. Threading is in the community, so you mostly likely won't have to put up with more Network spam (I spam this journal enough on my own already), but I'll label things just in case. ...the spam will just be my regular spam. /)_(\

Sob, now I can no longer use Kyou's shiny comment counter :'( note to self: 3,206 comments before joining minus about 300~ from non-camp hookery. SOB.

Application! Kagura is a terrible person, also I cannot write. )


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