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2020-08-17 02:47 am

Table of Contents

Player (Michi, [ profile] frogdance, frogdance(@), AIM - hi im frogdance)
- Concrit
- Player Info
- Fourth wall opt out(screened)

- CFUD App / Gargleblasted App
- Permissions and Stats
- Thread logging

Fannish / Misc
- Gintama @ Crunchyroll
- Series pimping post (@ cfo)
- Episode guide for people who like jumping around while they watch. Will continue to update this ETA use this instead
- Tegaki fanart links Will continue to update this
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2020-08-03 05:47 pm


See something I need to change about my Kagura? Say it here.

IP logging is off and anonymous commenting is allowed. Comments aren't screened because I'd like to be able to reply. I'll screen on request.

Addendum: RE: Meta, also fourth wall opt out (screened)
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2020-02-24 12:38 pm

Player Info. Updated March 21

I am: Michi/Michelle [ profile] frogdance

I play:
Kagura | [ profile] marypoopins | Gintama
Trucy Wright #3 | [ profile] wrightpanties | Ace Attorney

I Used to Play: oh boy
Pearl Fey | [ profile] a_medium_rare | Ace Attorney
Hao #1 | [ profile] haoyohdoin | Shaman King
Amidamaru | [ profile] whoyohgonnacall | Shaman King
Blair | [ profile] acattoofine | Soul Eater
Trucy Wright #2 | [ profile] wrightpanties | Ace Attorney
Kurita Ryokan | [ profile] thebigfriendly | Eyeshield 21
Tachikawa Mimi | [ profile] itsallaboutmimi | Digimon Adventure
Marie Mjolnir | [ profile] pleasemarieme | Soul Eater

Contact: I'm usually on irc nicked to Michi, Trucy or Kagura-chan. I usually leave the volume kind of low so I might miss pings sometimes. If I'm not in the mainchan, usually I'm hiding out in the Gintama channel (#metaballs) or Ace Attorney channel (#lawyertarium). I'm also available on gchat/email (frogdance at

Emergency Contact: A couple of people have my cell number, but shooting me an email works!

Availability: Weekdays afternoon/evenings. Sundays. I will update this if my schedule changes.

Timezone/Language: PST / English

The Playing Experience: I love crack and humour, but I like drama from times to time (whether or not I am good at it is another story). I post quite a bit, but I notice my attention span tends to wander within an hour unless I'm co-posting. Kagura can be a handful so I will always try to ask if I'm thinking of doing sometime violent or fourth wally (I have a screened post which you can opt out of any fourth wall breaking here). I find the other player's comfort levels more important than the lulz

Goals: Have fun! Make sure the other player is having fun! Try not to drop threads so much. Develop relationships for my character.

Betaing: It varies! Sometimes I can be a pretty good beta, other times not. For the record, if I have nothing to say, it is normally because YOUR APP IS ALREADY AWESOME. I love brainstorming ideas with people and thinking up jokes. I do have a pretty good sense of what an IN! app looks like. I don't sign up for the beta or last minute beta posts that often, but I do like helping out!

AUs: Hot.

Pimping: ...hahahaha. Yes, I like pimping. I'm trying to be less obnoxious about it. I like hearing about other people's canons, but I basically start new things entirely on whims. I hardly ever start things with the intention of apping.

Other: I tend to be very CAPSLOCK and rather jokingly obnoxious and bossy, but I am actually the bottomest bottom to ever bottom. My attention span is also hilarious and I go from one topic to the next quite a bit. Deneb-mun called me a cloud cuckoolander. I LIKE HOW MANY OF US ARE USING THIS SECTION TO GO 'HI I AM NOT SCARY AT ALL' o cfud.
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2019-02-06 09:13 pm


This is an addendum from my crit post, which you can find here.

The nature of this canon is very DO WHATEVER THE FUCK IT WANTS FOR THE LULZ, but I do want to make sure people are comfortable. Normally I'm pretty good about asking beforehand if I can break the fourth wall in threads, but in cases of me running a fast paced post, I might make the decision to just go ahead and do it (since chances I'll be vague/just mentioning my own canon, not yours) with the assumption that it'll just go over the other character's head. BUT IF I AM CROSSING A LINE for you by doing this, I really really would like to know about it.

Screened because I assume people would comment here logged in. You can also comment here if you want a complete OPT OUT of fourth walling. It's cool, dudes. o7

02/25 edit: you can also tell me if there's any kind of toilet/gross humour you'd like to avoid. I'll give the heads up to the rest of my cast.
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2012-04-16 06:22 pm

(no subject)


also I'm a loser and made an ask tumblr. Oh god. I'm one of those people. Be prepared for quarter-assed art.
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2012-01-30 09:46 pm
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(no subject)

Alright emergency meeting.
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2011-10-22 10:36 pm
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((Kagura is from a fourth wall breaking canon so she can remember things from CFUW. She won't, however, break the rules and mention them in camp. Lemme know about carry over for relationships |D))
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2011-10-20 09:57 pm

(no subject)

Well, Pressman already beat us to it, but we can talk in private here.
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2011-08-14 05:05 pm

(no subject)

I'm bored. Gonna answer fan mail.

Send me your dumb questions.

((I'm just answering questions ICly from audience or characters, I don't care either way))
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2011-08-11 01:25 am

(no subject)

Good lord. Eyes are crossing. I liek animated gifs can you tell. (I should really make a post of how many stupid animated gifs I had a hand in making) I promised I'd make these for cast ages ago, I'm sure I'm the only one who remembered.

Okita's is a remake because I was kind of OCD that he was out of sync originally. Except Zura ended up being out of sync because I couldn't find the right amount of clean frames. Oh well, it is Zura, ruiner of all things proper.

Someone app Katsura. I will make you ridiculous things.

hopefully this post doesnt make anyone's browsers hate them. They're all tiny around 15kb. :X
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2011-07-02 01:34 am
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(no subject)

I'm putting Shinpachi on trial for taking advantage of mistletoe season to prey on pretty girls out of his league.

We're gonna vote on having Sadaharu fill in for his role as Yorozuya's glasses character.

(from here...)
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2011-03-29 10:01 pm
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(no subject)

I haven't posted fanart here in ages. Friend of mine has been organizing a Gintama art-athon for the return of the anime next Monday (speaking of super excited for that) and I've been contributing here and there. I spent nearly the entire day on this pretty much.

maybe nsfw )
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2011-01-02 12:36 am
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Thread Logging 2011

Keep up with thread logging this year gooooooo

January )

February )

March )

April )

May )
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2010-12-26 11:31 pm
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(no subject)

[blah blah mistletoe]
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2010-12-16 11:23 am


The Special Edition promised entirely new material, and IT STARTS OFF USING THE OLD FOOTAGE WITH THE SAME DIALOGUE until Shinpachi starts flipping his shit about the others being shameless.

Shinpachi: "We're still in 4:3 ratio format. It's like nothing changed at all!"
Gin: "Fine. Side panel open." [in Engrish]


But Shinpachi still thinks the DVD extras are lacking despite the WIDESCREEN UPGRADE (oooh aaaah)
Shinpachi: "Think of the fans who went out and brought the dvd for the extras!"
Gin: "Don't underestimate the internet."

They then start discussing the new series in April and

Shinpachi: "It still seems like we're lacking some impact though!"
Kagura: "Impact huh... Then this!"

~IN 3D~

Kagura: "Doesn't our usual background have so much more impact this way?"

Gin and Kagura conclude the problem is Sunrise and Gin and Kagura talk about wishing to switch to better animation studios like P*XAR and Gh*bli [bleeped out, naturally]

Shinpachi's sick of their shit and he finally shows the real new series teasers WHICH ARE AWESOME.

Gin still thinks it sucks. Needs more Ghibli.
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2010-09-20 06:21 pm

State of the Union

I am struggling with my math homework so sure, why not. NO FANCY CODING BECAUSE I AM LAZY. Super bare bones. And incoherent stream of consciousness

this is ugly )

Okay now I gotta QUICKLY LEAVE AND GO TO DINNER This was supposed to be quick and dirty sotu.
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2010-08-01 04:15 pm
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(no subject)

No one told me Colonel Sanders is dead.